Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

US. Military Suicides - Warning Signs? Much More Than That!

Some thing's will never change? It was the same when german soldiers came home from WW1 and WW2. Vietnam and other conflicts show that's nothing wrong with these soldiers, but with the world.


I've heard there were hotlines set up to help.
How can a phone operator help those men which seen the shit?
"Hey, it's not so bad...Cheer up, son!"
Even more disgusting is the idea of an anti-suicidal nasal spray.


The cynicism of these child molesters at home is incredible.
Nobody send those guys, which deserved the death, to the frontline.
No, they breed like rats (which they are).

But why so many soldiers killing herself after or at war?
The present/past cynical military and political leaders of the world would say it's inevitable. But is it so? Are these 349 american soldiers and so many other soldiers around the world to weak for the real life?
Is it simply natural? Either you must make a friend of horror or it will decay you; is it so simple? They told the swiss mercenaries of the 16th century which had a posttraumatic stress disorder:
"It's only homesickness...".

And the civilian suicides? Long before 9/11 there were a high suicide rate in the united states and also in europe.

"The military is also struggling with increased sexual assaults, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other problems.....misuse of prescription drugs and personal financial problems as possible reasons for the increase".
That are exactly the same problems which we all have in our societies all over the world. It's not only a military problem.

Who's to blame? Our weak body's which beg us to stop?
And who wants to help us? Quacksalvers which wants to sell us antidepressants, so we can do our "job"?

The world became insufferable a long time ago and so it seems, that you can't do anything about it. "It is what it is"; but that's not the truth.
You have to choose on which side you want to be, that's the truth.
The creatures of habit which wants that everything stays the same;
or those who make the different.

This decision is thousands of years old so choose wisely....

The end of the economic growth for all of us!

I mean we are all China. Over four decades there were nearly every day a smog alarm in a german city, when germany had their great economic time. Every greater city in the U.S.A. have smog day by day. It's time to recognize that the living is not a race and the world is not a speedway. China is the future of modern business and look the earnings; you can see it from out of space....


That's not the world which should be. Nobody wins; not even the homo economicus. It's time to grow up and be the mankind that we could be....

The fact is....

.... there is something terribly wrong with this world.
The lesson is clear: do what you can to arouse those who wants to be listen; or at least terroriser those who drinks your wine and plows your earth. 
Precisely in times like these you can change many things. Of course guys like Baschar al-Assad and Muammar al-Gaddafi shows it's still very difficult and armed struggle is sometimes necessary. But it's possible than ever before; especially in the countries of the first world.